Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions

auto lock bottom packaging on recycled paper snap lock packaging on recycled paper sleeve packaging on recycled paper

"Auto-Lock Bottom"

"Tuck Ends"

"Sleeve with Tray"

Package Type:  See below for a list of common package types. Don't worry if your package doesn't match one of these types... simply select the design that comes closest, or choose "other"... our estimating staff will contact you if they have further questions.

gable box packaging on recycled paper
Gable Box
Gable boxes have a "lock-bottom", and a convenient handle at the top. Perfect for organic snacks (our "Kraft" board is FDA certified!), t-shirts or even unique promotional items. You can get discounted pricing if you choose our "standard" gable boxes that are 7" wide x 5" deep x 5" high (8.5" high including handle)... just click HERE. Get a Quote 

tuck end packaging on recycled paper
Tuck Ends
Tuck ends are standard retail boxes that are easy to assemble and can be opened and closed easily. This classic design has many uses, from software to snacks to clothing. Get a Quote 

auto lock bottom packaging on recycled paper
Auto-lock Bottom
Auto-lock bottom boxes have glued tabs at the bottom, allowing them to support heavier items yet still lay flat when unassembled. You can also add a tab with a hook to the back to suspend the package from a display wire. Get a Quote 

tray with sleeve packaging on recycled paper
Tray with sleeve
A two-piece packaging solution, ideal for heavier products or a more elegant presentation. We ship our business cards in these sturdy boxes. You can include printing on the tray as well as the sleeve. Get a Quote 

sleeve packaging on recycled paper
Some heavier products may require a corrugated tray, or maybe you have a box-shaped product that simply needs a protective sleeve that doubles as packaging. Sleeves are a simple, cost-effective solution. Get a Quote 

point of purchase displays and packaging on recycled paper
POP displays
The sky's the limit with POP ("Point-of-Purchase") displays... typically these are trays that sit at a checkout counter and act both as eye-catching promotional pieces and convenient shipping and display containers. With our custom die-cutting, you can design a POP display in just about any shape or configuration you can dream up. Get a Quote 

tea dispenser packaging on recycled paper
Dispenser boxes
Dispenser boxes are most commonly used in restaurants to display and "dispense" tea bags, but they can be used for other types of products as well. The dispenser opening is usually perforated so that your product can ship in the dispenser as well as be displayed in it. Get a Quote 

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