Banner Stand Templates

How to prepare files for banner printing at GreenerPrinter

The preferred file format for GreenerPrinter orders is PDF, for several reasons:

  • It is a "locked" file format, which can eliminate file variations due to platform, software or version issues.
  • It is a compressed file format, which means smaller files and faster upload times.
  • It is a single file format, which makes for faster and easier uploads (no need to upload fonts or links separately).

By sending us a PDF you are helping to insure that your job proceeds quickly, smoothly and with no unexpected "surprises."

PDF Guidelines for banners

  1. Create your PDF using a "high quality print" or "press quality" setting in your software.
  2. Images should be 100-150 dpi at the size they will be used at (i.e, a photo that is enlarged 200% should be at least 200 dpi).
  3. If your artwork goes all the way to the edge of the banner, be sure it contains at least .25" bleed. In other words, artwork for a 24" x 36" banner with bleed should be supplied at 24.5" x 36.5". A quarter-inch will be trimmed off each edge, eliminating the possibility of white gaps appearing at the edge of your banner.
  4. If you are ordering a banner with a stand, use one of the templates below to insure your artwork is the correct size!


For use with our banner media. Taglines are EPS files; place the appropriate tagline on your artwork to show off your eco-sensibilities.
greenerprinter biobanner media taglineDownload the Compostable Biobanner Tagline 
greenerprinter textile banner media taglineDownload the Recyclable HP Heavy Textile Tagline 
greenerprinter polypropylene media taglineDownload the Recyclable Polypropylene Banner Tagline 

Banner Stand Templates

Silver Step StandEconomy StandTable TopSmartStandXStand


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