Cross-media Marketing

What is "Cross-media Marketing"?

Cross-media marketing technology combines the power of several different marketing tools to create unified, multi-pronged marketing campaigns. A cross-media marketing campaign will usually consist of some mixture of personalized direct-mail pieces, emails and URLs (commonly referred to as "PURLs" for "Personalized URLs").

At the heart of any cross-media campaign lies the power of database technology. Whether the output is a personalized variable data print project, a targeted email, or a web page with unique content specific to each visitor, the content is determined by information in a database:

personalized direct mail campaigns from Greenerprinter
Personalized direct-mail piece.
personalized email campaigns
Personalized email.
personalized URLs from Greenerprinter
Personalized URLs ("PURLs") can contain forms which you can use to update customer information.
personalized URLs from Greenerprinter
Combined with offers and incentives, PURLs can also be used to collect valuable, actionable data about your customers.
personalized URLs and ROI tracking from Greenerprinter
An intuitive campaign interface allows you to track results and quickly determine ROI.
Harnessing the power of cross-media marketing
While cross-media technology is impressive, what matters more is the way you use it. To fully appreciate the power of cross-media, consider the following:
  • All of your marketing materials, whether printed or digital, use the same digital resources for a consistent look throughout the campaign.
  • All of the materials rely on the same database, so there's no "mixing up" of information.
  • In addition to marketing "to" your customers, you can use cross-media campaigns to generate feedback from your customers.
  • With enticing calls to action and incentives, PURLs can be used to collect useful information from your customers and in turn give them special offers that cater directly to their interests.
  • Every action taken by a customer is trackable. You can KNOW exactly how successful your campaign was based on the number and nature of the responses.
  • Campaign tracking for all aspects of a campaign can be done from a single interface, complete with easy-to-read charts.

Greenerprinter's cross-media solutions can help you take your marketing to the next level. Please contact a GP Customer Service Representative for more information about our Cross-media services:


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