Embossing & Foil Stamping

Embossing & Foil Stamping

Greenerprinter's embossing and foil stamping services

Embossing & foil stamping can add a stately and elegant effect to packaging, pocket folders, business cards and more. The processes are essentially the same, in that a metal "stamp" is forged to create an indentation on the surface of the paper. Foil stamping adds a thin sheet of foil to the process, which is fused (via heat and pressure) to the surface of the paper when the stamping occurs (we offer red, green, blue, silver or gold foils, with other custom choices available).

A "blind" emboss refers to an emboss in which no ink (or foil) appears in the emboss area. A "registered" emboss is just the opposite, with the emboss occuring directly over an image or graphic (or foil stamp). A registered emboss is the more difficult of the two to accomplish, as it requires two fundamentally different processes to occur in nearly the exact same place on a sheet of paper.

If you have questions about our embossing and foil stamping services, please contact us at 1.800.655.5833 or csr@greenerprinter.com.

To request a quote for embossing or foil stamping on your next project, just click below and you'll receive the quote via email, usually on the same day. Presentation folders with foil stamping or embossing can be ordered directly from our site, with no custom quote required.

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