Folding & Finishing

Folding & Finishing

If you're struggling to find a printer who can keep up with your creative impulses, look no further. Our custom scoring, folding, glueing, hole-punching, eye-letting and other special finishing touches will help your ingenuity shine.

See below to learn more about our capabilities (and maybe even find some inspiration), or request a custom quote now.

Greenerprinter accordion fold brochures

Small brochures with multiple folding panels like those above are an efficient way to squeeze lots of information into a small package. We can even provide drill holes and stringing to attach them directly to products!

Greenerprinter bottle neck hangers

Scored bottle neck hangers are die-cut and glued to tear-off pads for easy distribution to retailers.

Greenerprinter folding maps

Ordering maps printed on our 22"x28" press is a breeze. (Folding them back up might be another story!)

Greenerprinter fanbooks

Ideal for durable promotional pieces, these popular "fanbooks" are printed on our recycled cover-weight stock and attached together with an eyelet at the corner.

Greenerprinter cd dvd sleeves

Our die-cutting, scoring/folding and glueing services all come into play to produce unique custom CD/DVD sleeves.

Greenerprinter custom cut and folded business cards

Even a simple business card can take on new life with custom finishing!

To request printing with any of the features shown above, just click below and you'll receive a custom quote via email, usually on the same day.
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