Ordering Process
Placing an order with Greenerprinter

eco-friendly printing, step 1

STEP 1: Add items to cart

  • Select product(s) from the menu on the left. If you choose a product from our Design Center, or "No Proof" Business Cards, the first step will also include the process of creating and/or uploading your artwork. Select the appropriate paper, size, fold, colors, etc. for your item.

  • If you can't find a product on our list that matches the item(s) you wish to print, choose "Custom Sizes" to enter your own spec's.

  • For projects that require spot colors, custom die-cutting, embossing or other special treatments, visit the "Custom Quote" page, and we will email you a custom quote that you can then use to begin your order.

After you've entered all of the spec's for an item, click "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" and you will be taken to the shopping cart page. If you wish to order more items, click "ADD ANOTHER ITEM" (or select a new product from the menu on the left). You may add as many items as you wish to your shopping cart, and you can edit (or remove) them at any time prior to checkout.

Once all of the items you wish to order are in your cart, give each of them a name, and click "PROCEED TO SHIPPING" (returning customers may also use "express checkout" to apply all of the shipping and billing options from their most recent order).

eco-friendly printing, step 2

STEP 2: Login and Shipping

Login to your account, or create an account. Account creation requires no personal information other than name and email address.

Our shipping options are the most flexible of any printer on the web!

If there is only one item in your cart:

You will see a drop-down menu that asks you to select Pickup or Shipping. If you choose pickup, you simply pickup your order from our Point Richmond, CA location on the day it's scheduled to deliver.

If you choose "Ship from Greenerprinter", you will need to create your shipping address(es), and then select each address that you wish to ship to, along with the quantity that will ship to each address. You can also choose to set some aside for pickup.

If there are multiple items in your cart:

You will see a "Single shipment" option and a "Multiple shipments" option.

If you choose "Single Shipment", all of your items will ship to the same destination at the same time. Create (or select) a shipping address, select a shipping method, and proceed to checkout.

If you choose "Multiple Shipments", you will cycle through each item in your cart, and select shipping addresses and methods for each one. You can even send each item to multiple addresses.

You may choose "Next Day Local Delivery" if you live within a 15-mile radius of our Point Richmond, CA location.

If Greenerprinter will be mailing all of your items, you will automatically skip the shipping step and proceed directly to checkout.

eco-friendly printing, step 3

STEP 3: Checkout

  • Review all information. You may still edit any item in your cart.
  • Enter billing preference. Choose from:
  • Enter any additional special instructions.
  • Click "PLACE ORDER".
On the next page, you will see a final summary of your order, plus two buttons:
Print Confirmation 

Click this button to print out a hardcopy (or PDF) of your final order specifications. You will also receive an email confirming your order.

Upload Files 

Click this button to proceed to step 4, uploading files.
eco-friendly printing, step 4

STEP 4: Upload files (or invite a colleague to upload)

You may upload files at any time, but please note that your turnaround time will not begin until we have 1) received and approved your final output files and 2) received your final approval of a proof.

If you are ordering items only from the Design Center or "No Proof" business cards, you will not be required to upload files or approve a proof, as this is done automatically during the ordering process. In this case, your items will automatically be set to status 4, "Proof Approved, Awaiting Printing".

For all other products, two "upload slots" are provided for each item in your cart, but you may upload as many files as you wish by clicking "add more files...". We strongly recommend you send a final "Press-ready" PDF file, but we are also happy to accept application files (QuarkXpress, InDesign, Illustrator, etc). To remove a file you've already uploaded, simply click "remove".

You can also invite one or more colleagues to upload files on your behalf by clicking "INVITE". Your colleagues will immediately be sent an email with an upload link. Be sure they know the name and parameters of the item(s) for which they're uploading files, as the upload page will allow them to place files for any item in the cart.

After you've finished with this page, you can either click "View Account" to confirm the details of your order, or click "Keep Shopping" to continue browsing our site.

If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or send an email to csr@greenerprinter.com, or click on the "Chat" button at the top of this screen for a real-time chat with a GP customer service representative (when available).

Click "NEXT" to learn how to set up your files for optimum printing at Greenerprinter.

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