Green your printing: Getting Started

Why print green?

For starters, the environmental benefits are significant - in 2010 alone, we saved nearly 3,000 trees and nearly three-quarters of a million gallons of water! Rather than using virgin paper and petroleum-based inks, green printers use only recycled paper and soy- and vegetable-based inks, and offset their carbon emissions. Also, green printing can produce the same level of quality as traditional printing, so you don't have to sacrifice quality. Consumers today expect companies and organizations to be environmentally responsible; printing green allows you to take a first step towards sustainability if you're just getting started - and if you're already on the green path, you can more fully demonstrate your commitment to protecting our environment.

Will it cost more?

We recognize that this is an important consideration, especially during times like these. The truth is that sometimes it does, but not always. Green printers need to consider certain costs that traditional printers don't: Higher prices for recycled paper, carbon offsets & renewable energy credits, newer equipment to minimize waste & inefficiencies, and certification costs to name a few. However, printers generally offer more competitive pricing for projects that fit their specific capabilities, and this holds true for most green printers as well.

How can I get started?

If you're already using traditional printing, greening your printing is simple because the basic design and printing processes are the same. The best way to get started is to familiarize yourself with recycled papers and recycled paper terminology (recycled paper does vary slightly more in density and color than virgin paper). You may find it helpful to obtain a sample packet first and start with a small order.

This article originally appeared in a series on Green Printing in the Greenerprinter blog.

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