Greenerprinter iPhone app

Green printing on the go:
The Greenerprinter iPhone App!

With the Greenerprinter iPhone app, there's no need to sit idly by your computer waiting for an order status update or a PDF proof. Our free iPhone app allows you to remotely:

  • Check status of current orders
  • Receive instant notifications when a proof is ready or an order has been completed/shipped
  • View and approve PDF proofs
  • View essential order information
  • View recent order history
  • Instantly contact customer service via phone or email

A simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to start going mobile with green printing in just minutes. app store badge
Click above to download the app, or continue reading below to learn more.

View all current and recent orders

Greenerprinter iPhone app: Order List

After logging in, the first screen you see will be your "Order List", showing the name, number, status and (if applicable) ship date of all current and recent orders.

View order details

Greenerprinter iPhone app: Order Details

Tap on an order to see more details: Thumbnail image, quantity, price, date of purchase and (if applicable) tracking number. Got a question about an order? Just tap on the phone or email icon to instantly call or email customer service.

Orders with the status "proof out" will also show a "View Proof" button that can be used to review a PDF "soft" proof (see more below).

View/approve PDF proof

Greenerprinter iPhone app: Approve Proof

Clicking "View Proof" on a "Proof out" order allows you to view and approve a PDF proof directly from your iPhone. You will also see a projected ship date for your order if the proof is approved on the current business day. After reviewing your proof, you have 3 options:

  • "Approve" advances the order status to "Printing in Progress" and sets its ship date.
  • "Upload a New File" returns the order status to "Awaiting Files".
  • "Need Assistance" allows you to send instructions for changes, and sets order status to "Files Received, Preparing Proof". Our staff will make the changes and create a new proof, or contact you if there are questions regarding the changes.

Order status notifications

Greenerprinter iPhone app notifications

The app will also send you instant notifications whenever a) you have a proof awaiting review or b) an order has shipped. Tapping the "View" button will take you directly to the order details window.

With the GP iPhone app, you'll have quick access to all of your critical order information, no matter where you are. Download it today!

Questions about the app? Send us an email!

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