Greenerprinter Case Study

Greenerprinter develops
Commerce solution for LUNAFEST™ promotional materials

custom online print ordering site login

When longtime client Clif Bar needed a solution that would allow hosts of their popular LUNAFEST film festivals to order promotional materials online, they turned to Greenerprinter.

Greenerprinter's "Storefront" solution proved to be just what was needed: A branded, secure and easy-to-use web site that allows users to create and order their own customized print materials without any special skills or software other than a web browser.

Branded products, personalized content.
The LUNAFEST print ordering site features all of the products that hosts of the film festival need to promote their event: Postcards, posters, invitations, tickets and programs. There are even "package" deals that allow hosts to order multiple products at once, at a discounted price.

custom online print ordering site product menu
LUNAFEST print ordering site product menu.

User accounts were created in advance via a spreadsheet file that included event information. Many hosts happily discover upon logging in to the site that much of their event information is already pre-populated in the materials, thanks to the storefront's ability to automatically insert database information into the product ordering fields.

custom online print ordering site login
Product ordering page.

Users can preview their materials onscreen as they update the information. They can upload sponsor, host and beneficiary logos to further customize the materials. One of the challenges was making the ordering pages flexible enough to accommodate the many different flavors of the individual festivals: Some feature additional events, some have student discounts, and some have multiple hosts and beneficiaries. Each of these scenarios is easily handled via ordering page "logic" that shows only the relevant form elements based on the parameters of the event. Once users are satisfied with the onscreen "preview" of their materials, they can view a high-resolution PDF file to confirm that all content is correct and that uploaded images and logos are high-resolution and will print properly.

Flexible shipping and payment options.
As products are created, they are added to a shopping cart. Users can add as many items to their cart as they wish, and can place individual items on "hold" for checkout at a later time. The checkout process involves selecting from multiple shipping options, rush turnaround options, and flexible payment options via either credit card or purchase order. Purchase order transactions are handled via a password given to hosts in advance.

custom online print ordering site shopping cart
The shopping cart page.

After the order is placed, users are sent a confirmation email, and can log back onto the site at any time to check on the status of their order. An additional email is sent upon job shipment.

A versatile solution to vexing problems
The organizers of LUNAFEST faced the same problems as any organization trying to maintain control over its marketing materials:

  • How do I offer customers, employees or associates in multiple locations an easy way to order materials?
  • How can users who have no design experience, skills or software create and order their own print materials?
  • How do I allow users to order customized materials without compromising the consistency of my brand?
  • How can I control and monitor these transactions?
Greenerprinter's web-to-print storefront solved all of these challenges, and we can offer these same solutions to your organization. Customers of all sizes and variety can take advantage of these solutions:
  • Franchises - Coupons, direct-mail pieces and business materials can be customized and ordered by multiple franchisees.
  • Promoters - Owners and operators of different venues can order customized event collateral, such as posters and tickets.
  • Event Organizers - Send strategically timed, targeted postcards to the geographic region of your events. Upload your mailing list when you place your order. Mailing lists are saved with your account for later use.
  • Medium to Large Companies - Use a storefront as a centralized hub for ordering your employee's materials: Business cards, letterhead, etc. Control costs via approval processes and permissions settings.
  • Others:
    • Non-profits with multiple branches
    • Cooperative alliances
    • Real estate agencies
    • Marketing agencies
    • Car dealerships
    • ... and more!

Please click HERE to learn more about our customized online print solutions. To take an extended tour of Greenerprinter's storefront services, just call 1-800-655-5833 and ask for a Customer Service Representative. Or, send an e-mail to Please include your name, phone number, and a good time to call.

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