Mailing FAQ
Mailing FAQ

Questions about mailing and mailpiece design

Questions about mailing lists

Why mail with Greenerprinter?
With Greenerprinter, you can save time and money with one-stop printing and mailing. Print on recycled paper, and mail it directly from our facility. Not only does this reduce the delivery time to your client, you'll save on shipping and the related carbon emissions.
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What can be mailed?
You can mail postcards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, booklets, and catalogs. If you're thinking about mailing something unique, request a custom quote for pricing or contact our mailing expert at or call 800.655.5833.
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What different types of mailing options are available?
The Post Office offers four different mailing options; First Class Stamps, First Class Bulk, Standard Bulk, and Non-Profit.

First Class Stamps allow your mail to deliver just like a letter mailed from your desk. First Class mail arrives within 1 to 3 business days. This method is available for quantities under 500 pieces.
First Class Bulk mail gives you the same delivery promises as First Class Stamps (1 to 3 day delivery) at the bulk rate. This option is available for quantities of 500 or more pieces.
Standard Bulk mail takes longer to deliver than First Class mail, between 2 and 10 days, but is cheaper. We recommend to use this method if you do not have dated material.
Non-Profit mail is only for Non-Profits registered with the Post Office to produce mailings. Non-Profit mailing is the cheapest mailing option, but can take anywhere from one to three weeks and sometimes longer to deliver.
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How should I design the mail panel?
The mailing panel needs to be formatted to U.S. Postal Service specifications. When designing, a good rule of thumb is to leave at 3.5" of white space on the right-hand side of the address panel. If you don't have enough room on to leave 3.5" you can leave 2" if you keep 5/8" across the bottom open. You may also refer to the visual aid graphic below or click here to download an EPS file of this template.
mail piece design guidelines 2
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How can I reduce my mailing costs?
There are many ways to reduce mailing costs. The easiest way to save is to mail via Standard Mail instead of using First Class Mail. Standard Mail may take longer to deliver to your customers, but you can save on postage costs.

If you still want the quicker delivery offered by First Class Mail you can create a smaller card to take advantage of the Post Office's postcard mailing rate. A card that is between 3.5 x 5 and 4.25 x 6 falls under the less expensive postcard rate and introduces a savings that larger cards don't offer.
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What is included in mailing?
Our mailing services include:
- Processing your mailing list to meet USPS standards
- Printing our indicia on your order
- Printing addresses from your mailing list on your mail piece
- Postage costs
- Applying wafer seals (if required)
- Delivery to post office
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How can I confirm that my job has been mailed?
When your order is mailed we will send an email confirming it has been delivered to the post office. We also recommend that you add your address (and some friends) to your mailing list to confirm the timeliness and accuracy of your mailing.
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Can I download the Greenerprinter indicia?
Certainly... click here to download the First Class indicia, click here to download the Standard indicia.
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Questions About Mailing Lists
What if I don't have a mailing list?
You can create a mailing list directly from our site! In the mailing section of our ordering page you can select to create targeted lists for either businesses or consumers to help grow your client base. When creating a list you will choose the geographic location you want to mail to then drill down to the specific type of customer you're looking for using demographic criteria. Demographic criteria will allow you to narrow your list based on everything from income to home ownership to hobbies and interests.

Our lists are generated from information that is provided by recognized industry compilers of directories and other sources. These data sources are constantly being updated so you can rest assured that the list you're creating represents the most recent postal data available. You are guaranteed a 90-93% deliverability rate of the addresses it provides.
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How should my list be formatted?
Your list should contain only the information necessary for mailing:
- First Name
- Last Name
- Company
- Street Address ("Address 1")
- Apartment or Suite number ("Address 2")
- City
- State
- Zip (5-digit or 5-plus-4)
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What file types do you accept?
We recommend sending Excel files (.xls), but we can also accept tab-delimited text files (.txt), or comma-delimited text files (.csv).

You can download an Excel template here.
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Where do I send my mailing list?
When you place your order you can upload your artwork files and the mailing list(s) after checkout. If your order has already been started, you can e-mail your mailing list as an attachment to Please include your order number in the subject line.
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What if I have multiple mailing lists?
We charge an additional $10 per file to "merge" the lists, which will be added to the order total by a customer service representative after your order has begun.
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What if my list contains a large number of undeliverable addresses?
If we notice that there is a large number of invalid addresses in your list (usually 10% or greater), we will contact you. Often there are minor problems in addresses ("Rd." instead of "Ave.", misspelled city names, etc) that can be easily fixed by the software.
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Can I get my list back?
If you want your list back after we've processed it for mailing, simply let us know when you place your order.
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