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Annie's, Inc., based in Napa, CA, offers delicious foods made with the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients. The family of well-loved Annie's, Inc. brands includes: Annie's Homegrown, pasta meals, snacks and cereal; and Annie's Naturals, unique salad dressings and condiments. All Annie's, Inc. products are available nationwide at major grocery stores, natural food stores, mass merchants and online at and

Annie's and Sustainability

Since Annie's was founded, we have been committed to being responsible corporate citizens, and strive to integrate our philosophy of sustainability into every aspect of our business. As stewards of our fragile planet, we're motivated everyday to lessen our eco footprint on Earth. From selecting organic ingredient suppliers and green office supplies to working with some of the most innovative packaging partners around, we continually make choices that have a positive impact.

Printing Green

We're always on the lookout for new technologies and innovations that make our current practices even better. There is always more that can be done, and we know that being a sustainable company is an ongoing process. Choosing a green printing partner was a natural extension of our overall commitment to sustainability.

Annies print samples

Green Printing & Sustainability

Primarily, we wanted to choose a partner who we could trust to offer the best, "greenest" options for our business. Greenerprinter allows us to choose business cards, mailers, fliers and sales materials that are printed on 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer content, chlorine-free paper. We have been impressed with Greenerprinter's many certifications—from FSC to Green America Seal of Approval—and appreciate that they continually push themselves to seek out the latest sustainable innovations. Annie's always prefers to work with partners who share our values, and we're proud of the relationship we've developed with Greenerprinter over the years.

Thanks to Aimee Sands from Annie's for her assistance in providing this information.

This article originally appeared on the Greenerprinter blog.

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