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About Social Venture Network

Social Venture Network inspires a community of business and social leaders to build a just economy and sustainable planet. The Social Venture Network community consists of nearly 500 individuals who are some of the brightest and most innovative, engaging, socially-conscious business and social leaders in North America.

SVN and Sustainability

With our goal of transforming the world in mind, SVN is pleased to not just represent socially responsible business leaders, but support socially responsible businesses like Greenerprinter as a client and partner.

Printing Green

SVN has always worked with green printers as part of our organizational culture. The payoff is in having materials for our office and our events that are directly aligned with our mission. Working with Greenerprinter also supports our network since they source from other sustainable partners like New Leaf Paper.

Social Venture Network print samples

Green Printing & Sustainability

It's also been so valuable for our mission to introduce all of our members and conference attendees to Greenerprinter, so that we can promote further collaboration and business-to-business connections in the sustainability community and the wider world. Greenerprinter has been a pleasure to work with over the years. What a great partner in sustainability!

Thanks to Erica Dreisbach from Social Venture Network for her assistance in providing this information!

This article originally appeared on the Greenerprinter blog.

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