How to prepare PDFs for Greenerprinter using Adobe® InDesign®

Adobe InDesign
How to Create PDFs For GreenerPrinter Using Adobe InDesign:

Note: Downloadable InDesign templates for many multi-page documents are available on our templates page. These helpful templates contain the appropriate number of pages for common multi-page configurations, and each page is labeled according to its position in the booklet (i.e, "cover", "inside front cover", etc.).

For "Self-service" products, bleed requirements are slightly different. Please download the appropriate self-service template and follow the PDF instructions it contains.

Follow the steps below, matching the screen captures:

Step 1: Under the "File" menu, go to "Adobe PDF Presets > [Press Quality]..." Adobe InDesign PDF instructions 1
Step 2: Select PDF as Format, select destination folder Adobe InDesign PDF instructions 2
Step 3: For "Adobe PDF Preset" select "Press Quality". Set Compatibility to "Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5)" (or higher). Adobe InDesign PDF instructions 3
Step 4: Click on "Marks and Bleeds" and apply .125" bleed on all sides. Adobe InDesign PDF instructions 4
Step 5: Click "Export". Your PDF will be saved into the location you specified in step 2, ready to upload!


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