How to prepare PDFs for Greenerprinter using Adobe® Photoshop®

Adobe Photoshop
How to Create PressReady PDFs For GreenerPrinter Using Adobe Photoshop:

While Photoshop isn't generally recommended for use as a layout application, it is possible to compose an entire page in Photoshop. To send GreenerPrinter a PressReady PDF of a Photoshop layout:

  • Make sure your Photoshop file also conforms to all of the standards in the “General Guidelines for Images” section.

  • If the artwork in your Photoshop layout extends all the way to the edge of the page, you'll want to build the file at the document’s trim size PLUS a quarter inch on each dimension. For example, if you are creating an 8.5" x 11" page, your Photoshop file should be 8.75" x 11.25" (but make sure all “live” elements stay within the trim size).

Follow the steps below, matching the screen captures:
Step 1: Under the "File" menu, go to "Save As..." Adobe Photoshop PDF instructions 1
Step 2: Select Photoshop PDF as Format, select destination folder Adobe Photoshop PDF instructions 2

Adobe Photoshop PDF instructions 3
If you get the error message above, just click "OK".
Step 3: For "Adobe PDF Preset" select "Press Quality". Set Compatibility to "Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5)" (or higher). Adobe Photoshop PDF instructions 4
Step 4: Click "Save PDF". Your PDF will be saved into the location you specified in step 2, ready to upload!
For additional information on how to create PDFs, you can download the PDF How to Create Adobe PDF Files for Print and Press from the Adobe website.


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