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Greenerprinter Business Solutions Overview

Chances are you found us by searching online for "recycled paper business cards" or "green printing". While we're obviously proud of the outstanding green printing we do, we'd also like you to know that there's considerably more to the picture. Once you've experienced the quality and value of our printing, we recommend you take your relationship with Greenerprinter a step further and discover the solutions and services we can offer your organization. Read below to learn how Greenerprinter can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness your company's larger marketing efforts.

Use a single source for your printing AND mailing

Conduct your next direct mail campaign using a single, green-certified source. We offer complete mailing services, featuring bulk mail discounts, address verification and NCOA (National Change of Address) processing. Our mailing facility is under the same roof as our bindery, so after your mail pieces are finished, they are addressed and bundled for delivery within one day to a nearby USPS sorting facility. This eliminates the added time (and emissions) that would otherwise be incurred for delivery to a third-party mail house.

Plus, with our printing and mailing departments working hand-in-hand, they are able to share efficiencies that help to reduce make-readies and eliminate wasteful errors. Or, as we like to say: "Print it Green, mail it Green!"

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Increase ROI on your marketing & direct mail campaigns

Greenerprinter has embraced new technologies that can make your marketing efforts more personalized, powerful and trackable. These technologies can be used as stand-alone solutions, but they really shine when used in tandem.

Lead generation

Generate a list for your next mailing campaign directly on our site, using intuitive tools that allow you to refine the results based on geographic and demographic preferences.

  • Fast & Integrated - Lists are generated directly within our ordering process. Payment is handled through our regular checkout process. You can conduct an entire direct mail campaign from one website!
  • Easy - Intuitive tools make it easy to refine your list using geographic criteria such as zip codes and demographic criteria such as income, business type, home-ownership, etc.
  • Reputable - Lists are provided by AccuData, one of the most respected list providers in the country.
  • Current - AccuData updates its lists on a daily basis so you'll never purchase stale data.

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Variable Data Printing (VDP)

VDP capitalizes on digital printing technology to generate a unique, personalized printed piece for each recipient. The technology offers almost limitless creative possibilities, from making playful use of the recipient's first name to customizing imagery based on known purchasing habits... the more data you have, the more creative you can be. However you use it, VDP has been shown to dramatically increase response rates.

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Tightly control your branded materials

With Greenerprinter's' web-to-print services, you can place your organization's materials online in an editable, easy to order format, putting the power of document creation and print ordering into the hands of anyone within your operation.

This is an ideal solution for branded materials where content (name, date, etc) needs to change, but branding elements (logos, colors, etc) need to remain "locked". Greenerprinter offers different levels of web-to-print services, from hosting your organizations business cards on our site, to full-fledged Storefronts, completely branded to your organization.

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Demonstrate your high-tech leadership

Technology is changing the way the world does just about everything, and printing is no exception. At Greenerprinter, we embrace change and have happily discovered that technology can actually drive print, not kill it. For example:

QR (or "Quick Response") codes combine print and technology to make your print interactive. Place a QR code on your printed pieces, and Smart-phone users can instantly view your website, add your contact information to their address book, get driving directions to your location, receive a text message, and more. We've made it easy to create and add QR codes to your order right from our site.

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Introduce sustainability into your operations

Greenerprinter helps businesses of all types and sizes bring sustainability to their printing and marketing efforts. As a print provider, we are in a unique position not only to conduct our own operations sustainably, but also to empower our customers to fulfill their own sustainability initiatives and minimize their collective impact on the environment.

We encourage our customers to "show off" their green printing efforts by adding recycled content taglines to their printed pieces. We also include an "eco-audit" on our ordering pages, so customers can see (and share) the amount of resources they are conserving by using green printing. We can even offer annual cumulative eco-audits to customers who've produced several jobs with us and wish to include that information in their sustainability reports or marketing materials. Contact a Greenerprinter customer service representative to request a cumulative eco-audit for your organization.

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