Cotton Paper

Gmund Cotton is proudly natural. It’s as versatile and robust as pure cotton – because it’s made from 100% cotton.

The strengths of the raw material are exploited to full advantage here: as soft as cotton, Gmund Cotton delivers appealing results in all embossing printing processes and adds a new, gentle dimension to offset printing. Papers weighing up to 910 g/m2 create impressive accents and lend greater importance to every message printed on them.

Longevity and reliability are additional attributes with which Gmund Cotton underscores this paper’s strengths and make its pH-neutral material ideal for documents, cards or folders that must remain archived for many years. The lighter grammage of 110 g/m2 is conceived for business correspondence; the 300 g/m2 paper is ideal for cards, envelopes or packaging; and the versions weighing 600 or 900 g/m2 contribute to the impact of information printed on cards and envelopes. An extensive selection of envelopes for letters rounds out the assortment: DIN long, C5, C6, the long and narrow 9 x 23.5 cm envelope, as well as the small and fine 9 x 15.5 cm format are available in three pastel colors.

Gmund Cotton is distinguished by good printability in offset, screen and relief printing. It also provides the greatest possible embossing depth for letterpress, blind embossing and hot-foil embossing.

When cotton fibers are examined under a microscope, they appear to have annual rings like the growth rings of a tree. But these circular layers in a cotton fiber are actually daily rings. In allusion to cotton as a natural product, this paper’s nuances of color are tastefully understated: “Linen Cream” is as delicate and fine as a snowy white cotton ball. A touch of metallic enlivens “Shiny Cream.” “New Grey” tends toward a grayish hue, but without sacrificing its warm character. “Power Blue” looks as though airy cotton has been immersed in the deep blue of the sea. And “Gentlemen Blue” – the same shade as an elegant business shirt – always makes an impressive statement.

Gmund Cotton is so natural and uncomplicated, you’ll always want to have it near it hand so you can touch it with your fingertips – like a favorite cotton shirt that you never want to take off!

  • High volume appr. 2.0
  • 100 % Cotton (origin: United States of America)
  • Extremely slow production process to reach this high quality
  • Exceptional soft feeling
  • No FSC®-certification since it is not made out of tree fibers.
  • No cotton flower needs to be extra planted for the Gmund
  • Cotton paper. Gmund gladly utilize the fibers of a cotton flower which are not useful for the fashion industry.


About the Gmund Paper Mill:

Gmund has been synonymous with paper culture since 1829. Family-owned since 1904, Gmund currently employs a workforce of circa 120 colleagues and is directed by fourth-generation papermaker Florian Kohler. The production site is in the town of Gmund at Lake Tegernsee, where these impassioned papermakers rely on energy-efficient, high-tech components to produce papers in creative designs. Innovation and ecology are the focal points.