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Eco Stickers

The most sustainable stickers out there

Reducing waste, using renewable materials, and promoting recycling are some of our core beliefs. Everything we do helps further these goals. Our stickers are no different. We use special materials to make them as eco-friendly as possible.

We are proud that all parts of our stickers can be fully recycled, including the facestock, liner, and adhesive. Both the liners and facestocks utilize PCW recycled content, making them very sustainable. Even our adhesives are recycling compatible. To complete the stickers we use our eco-friendly, plant-based inks. These are the most sustainable stickers on the market.

Silicone-Free Release Liner

Typical stickers use liners with silicone, making them unrecyclable. Our liner is made with 100% post consumer waste recycled paper, instead of silicon. This means that they can be thrown in home recycling bins with no issues.
  • 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content
  • Curbside recyclable
  • Silicone free

PCW Recycled

Our sticker facestocks feature high percentages of post-consumer waste, giving new life to recycled materials. When you’re done with these stickers you can throw them in the recycling to become something new again.

Sustainable Ink

As with all products at Greenerprinter, our stickers are printed with eco-friendly inks. These ink are entirely plant based. Depending on the colors you choose, they are made from soy or algae.
  • Plant-based
  • No VOCs
  • Non-toxic

Recycling Compatible Adhesive

Toxic adhesives mean that most stickers are not recyclable. Our stickers stand out by using an adhesive that will not contaminate recycling. We encourage you to dispose of your sticker by recycling, even if it is stuck on another paper object.

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