Ordering Process

STEP 1: Shopping Cart

When you select a product from the our home page, you will be directed to the "Start Your Order" tab. Here you can enter product details such as ink colors and paper stock. Some products include options such as ordering matching envelopes for a card. If any of our menus do not include the specifications (size, paper stock, etc) or finishing such as die-cutting or embossing, please submit your information on the Custom Quote tab. We'll get back you within one working day.

You have the option to upload your files at this step. You, or a colleague can also send files at STEP 4.

After you've entered all of the specifications for an item, click "ADD TO CART" and you will be taken to the shopping cart page. If you wish to order more items, click "CONTINUE SHOPPING". You may add as many items as you wish to your shopping cart, and you can edit (or remove) them at any time prior to checkout.

Once all of the items you wish to order are in your cart, you have the option to use the generic product name or rename each item with specifics. Click "TO SHIPPING".

STEP 2: Shipping

Login to your account, or create an account. Account creation only requires name, email address and phone number.

First choose either "SHIP THIS ORDER" or "PICKUP ORDER". If you choose pickup, you simply pickup your order from our Point Richmond, CA location after 4:00 pm on the day it's scheduled to complete. If the job is produced early, we will inform you by email.

The first options are "Ship order together" or "Ship order to multiple location". If you choose the former, you can then provide either a new or saved destination. With split shipping, you can add addresses and choose the quantities and items for each one. 

If you choose "Ship from Greenerprinter", you may use saved addresses or create new addresses. With split shipping, you define which products and what quantities go to each address.

You can also choose to set some aside for pickup. If you live within a 15-mile radius of our Point Richmond, CA location, you may choose "Next Day Local Delivery" . We will deliver the day after the job is produced.

STEP 3: Billing

You may pay by a saved payment method, "ADD NEW PAYMENT TYPE" (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or you may select "APPLY FOR NET 30-DAY ACCOUNT". Please note that it will take 24-48 hours to approve a credit application.


Click this button to proceed to step 4, uploading files.

STEP 4: Upload files (or invite a colleague to upload)

You may upload files at any time, but please note that your turnaround time will not begin until you approve online the soft or hard proof we send you. You will receive a soft proof of your job the next business day if you submit files before 4:300 pm PST.

If you are ordering "No Proof" business cards, you will not be required to upload files or approve a proof, as this is done automatically during the ordering process. In this case, the turnaround time starts immediately if you place your order before 4:300 pm PST.

For all other products, two "upload slots" are provided for each item in your cart, but you may upload as many files as you wish by clicking "add more files...". We strongly advise you to send a "Press-ready" PDF file. Though we accept InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files, they may incur delays or extra charges. To remove a file you've already uploaded, simply click "remove".

You can also invite one or more colleagues to upload files on your behalf by clicking "INVITE". Your colleagues will immediately be sent an email with an upload link. Be sure they know the name and parameters of the item(s) for which they're uploading files, as the upload page will allow them to place files for any item in the cart.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or send an email to csr@greenerprinter.com.