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These templates are Illustrator AI files which you can use either to build your layout in Illustrator or to place into InDesign as guidelines.

Each template will have crop (trim) marks, bleed marks (the area to which you want to extend your artwork beyond the trim). If placing into InDesign, select "View/Display Performance/High Quality Display". This will cause the template to display in high resolution, allowing you to more accurately place your artwork.


Download the appropriate file template:

IMPORTANT: If you will be mailing your brochures with GreenerPrinter, please click here to download the First Class indicia, click here to download the Standard indicia. You should also download our templates, which include proper placement of address panel.


IMPORTANT: Please review this quick checklist before uploading files:

  1. Does the artwork at the edge of your page extend("bleed") at least 1/8" beyond the trim? WHAT IS BLEED?
  2. Do file dimension (width, height) match the size you selected in the order form?
  3. If you are sending application files (InDesign, Illustrator, etc.), are all links and fonts included?
  4. Are your images high-resolution (300 dpi)?
  5. Changes can cost time and money... have you double-checked your files for spelling and grammar errors?