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Greenerprinter is committed to getting you high quality catalogs that are not only eco- friendly, but are also affordable. Paper manufacturing has typically been one of the most harmful industries to our environment, and Greenprinter decided to team up with New Leaf Paper to offer you up to 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste). In doing so, we became one of the first online printing sites in the country to exclusively offer recycled paper to our customers.

Inside Paper

80# Recycled Silk Text. At 100% PCW, it is our most environmentally friendly paper.

80# Recycled Gloss Text. A bright and shiny paper. Despite its weight, it is the thinnest text stock we offer at 3.6 pt.

Cover Paper

100# Recycled Gloss Cover is a heavy, bright and shiny paper. It is also FSC certified and has 30% recycled content.

100# Recycled Silk Cover has a subtle, sophisticated sheen that is similar to eggshell house paints. With 95% brightness, this will make your art stand out. Gemstone Silk is FSC certified, 100% PCW, Green-e energy certified and Ancient Forest Friendly. Its caliper is 11.8 pt.

These stocks, along with eco-friendly soy and vegetable based inks, make Greenerprinter the top environmentally friendly printer.

Green Eco Friendly Catalogs

We have spent years developing our production operations to be eco friendly and to reduce our environmental impact and become more cost efficient. With bulk catalog printing and paper, we save a ton and can then ultimately pass those savings onto you, our valued customers. Though we are intent on reducing our carbon offsets, Greenerprinter refuses to sacrifice quality and value, so you can expect only the best when it comes to catalog and booklet printing. We have a variety of options for your saddle stitch catalogs, including size, paper type, cover paper, page quantity and more. Our customers are pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to order, and even more blown away at how competitive our prices are.

Catalog Services

Not only will you be ordering high quality catalogs, you can make a difference for our world just by the printer you choose. Let us do the recycling for you, just choose your printing options like you normally would, and get your catalogs delivered to you quickly! No matter what kind of catalog you need, we guarantee that your custom catalog will turn out exactly the way that you want, because were aren’t only committed to being eco-friendly, we are committed to you. And as one of the first printers in the country to become green certified, we strive to stay the #1 Rated Online Eco-Friendly Printer in the industry and bring our customers quality products.

Order Catalogs

Ready to place to your order for affordable and high quality catalogs? Choose your appropriate options for size, paper, fold, colors, and more and then just click “Add to Cart.” Not seeing your options? Be sure to choose “Custom Sizes” or “Custom Quote” to get more information on your special order. Once you’ve added everything to the cart that you need, proceed to shipping where you will login and finalize your order by adding shipping and billing information. Your last step is uploading files. If you have any questions regarding our ordering process, we have File Setup Guidelines to get you started, or you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page. You are also welcome to send us an email or give us a call and we would love to help you with ordering your business catalogs. It’s that simple!