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We have a variety of styles and paper options, including roll labels and cut labels. Our cut labels with recycled paper options are the perfect solution for any event or product. These labels can be cut to size or kiss-cut on a letter-sized sheet. Our roll labels are a great solution for any business. Our labels can be used for indoor or outdoor occasions and can stick to almost any surface. We currently do not offer soy-based inks or recycled paper options for roll labels. Greenerprinter is actively testing eco-friendly roll label substrates.

Note - all our label materials are self-adhesive and can be applied to a wide range of firm flat surfaces such as plastic, glass, cardboard etc, but are not suitable for application to fabrics or leathers. If you would like to see physical samples of each of the materials, please request a complimentary sample pack.

White BOPP (Plastic - Permanent Adhesive) - By far the most commonly used material in our collection. It's a thin white polypropylene film (commonly referred to as BOPP in the printing industry) that is impervious to almost any punishment and looks beautiful on your products. It delivers eye-popping color and image crispness that can't be beat.

White BOPP (Removable Adhesive) - Most of our materials feature permanent adhesives - because most products need labels that will survive prolonged use. However, if you need a more "temporary" label or sticker that can be more readily removed, our White Removable material has a special adhesive to make removal much easier.

Silver BOPP (Plastic - Permanent Adhesive) - This material produces superb results in the right circumstances - BUT it needs advanced graphic design skills to be effective. The polypropylene film is specially treated during manufacture to have a "chrome-like" finish (i.e. just like the reflective silver trim on older cars). Once again, there are some design tricks that can contribute to a beautiful result, and some traps to be avoided. Feel free to ask us for guidance.

Clear BOPP (on Paper liner - Permanent Adhesive) - Exactly as it sounds, this is a transparent polypropylene film that is perfect for the "no label" look, allowing the product itself to show through. It does require a little more care when designing, as strong background colors can have unexpected impacts on the result. We can help you decide whether this is the best option for your products.

White Vellum Texture- Estate #8 - Popular choice for wine bottles and other high-end product labels, suitable for refrigeration.

White Laid Texture- Estate #4 - Popular choice for specialty food labels and other products that need refrigeration.

Cream Laid Texture- Estate #9 - Popular choice for upscale bottle labels and other products that need refrigeration.

#60 High Gloss Label Stock has permanent adhesive and a split back for easy removal.

#60 Uncoated Label Stock has permanent adhesive and a split back for easy removal.