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FREE Wire o booklet TEMPLATES

Download an InDesign IDML template. These can be opened in current and recent versions of InDesign:


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There are so many reasons why Greenerprinter is the best printer for whatever print job you have, but the quality of our wire-o books might be the only reason you need. Wire-o Booklets are typically used for booklets with lots of pages, when you need a durable spiral or wire binding to keep them together so they can spread flat. Our wire-o books are popular, high quality, and long lasting - and did we mention affordable? Perfect for large manuals and reports, tradeshow directories and cookbooks!

Cover Paper

100# Recycled Silk Cover has a subtle, sophisticated sheen that is similar to eggshell house paints. With 95% brightness, this will make your art stand out. Gemstone Silk is FSC certified, 100% PCW, Green-e energy certified and Ancient Forest Friendly. Its caliper is 11.8 pt.

80# Recycled Silk Cover has the same eco-friendly characteristics of our popular 100# cover. It is slightly thinner, with a caliper of 8.8 pt.

100# Recycled Gloss Cover is a heavy, bright and shiny paper. It is also FSC certified and has 30% recycled content.

80# Recyled Uncoated Cover. This stock is 100% recycled and certified FSC, Ecologo, Chlorine Free, Bio Gas Energy, Ancient Forest Friendly. It has an opacity of 98%. It is also our thickest cover stock at 12.8 pt.

Text Paper (inside pages)

80# Recycled Silk Book. At 100% PCW, it is our most environmentally friendly paper.

110# Recycled Silk Text. Also 100% PCW but at a caliper of 7.2 pt, significantly thicker than 80# Recycled Silk Text.

80# Recycled Gloss Text. A bright and shiny paper. Despite its weight, it is the thinnest text stock we offer at 3.6 pt.

100# Recycled Gloss Text is thicker and heavier than our 80# Recycled Gloss Text.

80# Recycled Uncoated Text. This is 100% recycled and certified FSC, Ecologo, Chlorine Free, Bio Gas Energy, Ancient Forest Friendly. It has an brightness of 92% and is ideal for commercial printing. Uncoated paper is easy to write on.

20 pt Natural Kraft. This has a minimum recycled content of 30%.

These stocks, along with eco-friendly soy and vegetable based inks, make Greener Printer the top environmentally friendly printer.

Mailing Services

If you want your booklet mailed, Greenerprinter can take care of that. Upload a list and will update addresses of individuals or businesses who have moved, remove duplicates, address and deliver to the Post Office.

Please visit FAQs - Mailing before you upload your files. It will save time if your files comply with USPS requirements. You should also download our free templates on the Templates tab.

Green Eco Friendly Wire-o Books

Our paper is made in the USA , it is a recycled paper with a recycled content up to 100% PCW. Your booklets are printed either digital or offset, we choose the method of printing based on the quantity. Both printing methods are the best in the industry.

Booklet Printing Services

The name Greenerprinter reflects our goals; commitment to helping the environment and to bring great quality products to you. For 28 years, we've been redesigning the industry to reduce its environmental impact. The printing and paper industries have typically been some of the most harmful types of businesses for the environment, so going green was a no brainer.

It is up to all of us to save our environment so the next generation can thrive, and you can do your part for the world simply by ordering from us! We have changed our production process with renewable energy, 100% recycled materials, and soy and vegetable based inks. We’ve coupled with New Leaf Paper, to bring you recycled paper that you will love, and the environment will love even more.

Wire-o Binding

The reason we have such great service and quality is because with all of the changes we are making to reduce our carbon footprint, we were able to become more efficient and sustainable and pass all of our savings onto you, our valued customers. We are always striving to make this world a better place and we refuse to sacrifice the quality or value of our products. Our customers mean a lot to us, and we want you to be satisfied with whatever product you order, including our wire-o booklets. We’ve spent the last 28 years perfecting our operations, so you can trust us with your printing needs. Get your full color, wire-o bound booklets today and have them shipped to you in no time!

Order Books

Ready to place your order? Enter your wire-o booklet specs into the form below and upload your files. From there, add your order to the cart and be directed to fill out your shipping and billing information. Once you’re satisfied everything is the way you want it, place your order and you’re done! We will handle the production and shipping, and you get your eco friendly booklets in practically no time at all. Order from us and not only do you get high quality products for all of your business needs, but you get to be satisfied knowing that you are making a difference for our environment.