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Postcards are are an easy way and inexpensive way to promote your business or organization. You can use your own list or purchase one through our website using hundreds of different demographic filters that allow you to fine tune your list. We offer 8 sizes of postcards on 5 different paper stocks

With direct mailing, you can upload a mailing list that is tailored specifically to your target audience! With this form of advertising, you can’t afford to use cheap looking products.


20pt Recycled Kraft Board has a minimum recycled content of 30%. It clearly shows your commitment to the environment. Plus, it is an attention grabber when used with white ink. Note: To mail presort, we must print a white ink address panel.

80# Recycled Uncoated Cover. This stock is 100% recycled and certified FSC, Ecologo, Chlorine Free, Bio Gas Energy, Ancient Forest Friendly. It has an opacity of 98%. It is also our thickest cover stock at 9.8 pt.

100# Recycled Gloss Cover is a heavy, bright and shiny paper. It is also FSC certified and has 30% recycled content.

100# Recycled Silk Cover has a subtle, sophisticated sheen that is similar to eggshell house paints. With 95% brightness, this will make your art stand out. Gemstone Silk is FSC certified, 100% PCW, Green-e energy certified and Ancient Forest Friendly. Its caliper is 11.8 pt.

120# Recycled Silk Cover has the same eco-friendly characteristics of our popular 100# cover. It is significantly thicker, with a caliper of 13.1 pt.

These stocks, along with eco-friendly soy and vegetable based inks, make Greenerprinter the top environmentally friendly printer.

Mailing Services

Greener Printer can handle all your mailing needs and save you money as well. For a First-Class Mailing of 500 pieces or more, USPS will discount the postage. USPS will also discount a Marketing Mailing of a minimum of 200 pieces. We take care of the presorting, updating of addresses of individuals or businesses who have moved, removal of duplicates, addressing and dropping off at the Post Office.

Please visit FAQs - Mailing before you upload your files. It will save time if your files comply with USPS requirements. You should also download our free templates on the Templates tab.

Variable Data Printing

The content of the mailing can be personalized. As well as individualized greetings, your mailing can incude many options. A non-profit can list the last donation received, and if below a threshold, include the text "Thank you for your last donation of $---. Will you consider increasing your contribution this year?" An auto maintenance business might include "The last time you brought your car in was the July 20, 2016. Don't miss a needed oil change."

Not only can the content be changed, but images can be personalized based on your criteria. VDP postcards are an extremely effective tool that you shouldn't pass by.

Green Eco Friendly Postcards

By ordering from Greenerprinter, you are not only getting high-quality products that everyone will love, but you are also making a difference in reducing the paper manufacturing industries impact on the environment. We are dedicated to making this world a better place, and for us, that means reducing waste, using only 100% recycled materials, and nontoxic chemicals. Greenerprinter is proud to be one of the first printing companies to be green certified, and we continue to strive to bring new ways to bring renewable energy more directly into our operations.

Postcard Services

Being committed to the environment means that we have completely redesigned the industry, becoming more efficient and cost effective. Because of these changes, we get to pass our savings onto the customer, which means that you get high-quality postcards for an incredible price! With Greenerprinter, we aren’t only committed to the being eco-friendly, were are committed to you! We refuse to sacrifice quality and value, and we offer you custom postcard options so that you can get exactly what you want at prices that are hard to beat. Let us help you with your marketing goals, and order custom postcards today. Place your order and leave the hard work and recycling to us!

Order Postcards

Ready to add some green to your postcard marketing campaign and leave some green in your wallets? Choose your size, paper, color options, etc., and upload your files. Check out free templates and file requirements if you need a starting point or just need to check your files. From there decide if you want to do the mailing yourself or if want us to mail to your custom mailing list. Add your items to your cart and proceed to ship and billing. You will be asked to login or create an account to make it easier for next time! If everything looks good to go, place your order and let us create your environmentally friendly postcards quickly and at a great price!