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Road To Zero Waste

Our mission: recycle, re-use and biodegrade.

Our house paper has the smallest environmental footprint in North America’s paper industry.

100% Post-Consumer Waste, FSC®-certified virgin fiber, chlorine free, and manufactured using renewable biogas energy.

1,400 MBTUs+

Energy reduced through our
manufacturing process.


Solid waste conserved


Gallons of water saved

Nearly all of our manufacturing is done in-house - giving us full control over our sustainability efforts.

What differentiates us from other printers is that we do nearly 100% of our projects in-house. Why is this important? It means we have full control over our operation - from sustainability to quality control. We've decided to keep manufacturing in-house for this very reason.


By sourcing alternative fiber from recovered recycled paper materials, we are addressing the problem of landfills, pollution, and waste generated. This ensures a minimal impact to the area’s biodiversity, environment, and natural resources. The mill recirculates every drop of water 30 times and uses 6x less water than the average for our industry. All our material is FSC certified. Learn more about our sustainable paper manufacturing process here.


We use the most eco-friendly ink on the market — vegetable-based & algae ink. Traditionally, ink is made from petroleum-based products which are harmful to the environment.


We use state of the art machinery in our facility — nearly all of our machinery is Heidelberg equipment. Why is this important? It means less waste generation through increased production efficiency.

Our power is mostly solar & windmill generated. We don’t use fans or heating due to our geographic location.


We’ve partnered with Green Planet 21 to maximize what we recycle and get closer to our zero waste goals.


Our packaging cartons are sourced from Blue Lakes Super Enviro Box Company. We pack with leftover plate packing material, and sealing with paper tape. Our products are bundled with paper bands, not plastic.


Let’s face it — shipping our product is not eco-friendly. To compensate for our carbon emissions, we’ve partnered with carbonfund.org. We purchase credits equivalent in our carbon emissions to remove the same amount of carbon out of the air.

We Constantly Audit
Our Process

We relentlessly examine every part of our business to make it greener - from the large machinery to the seat covers in the bathroom. (Yes, even those are made from recycled paper.

Social Stewardship

We care about social and environmental stewardship. Paying fair wages, and creating a safe work environment.


We carefully vet our vendors to make sure they're the real deal. We stand by our products and our vendors have the same commitment to sustainability.

Join us in making a

There are so many great ideas out there on improving sustainability. If you'd like to chat, we're always open to learning more. Email us.