Show Your Green Stripes With an Eco-Audit from Greenerprinter!

Greenerprinter eco-audits are a convenient way for you to know (and show) the resources you've conserved by choosing Greenerprinter. You can view eco-audits for your printing project right in our estimating window (just select a product from the menu to the left). Once you've started your order, you can request an eco-audit similar to the one below to use either electronically (for web pages or e-marketing), or they can be added directly to your printed materials.

The above eco-audit indicates the total amount of natural resources that Greenerprinter customers who printed with New Leaf Paper conserved in 2017.


Eco-audit statistics are calculated for each job based on the volume of your project and the recycled content of the paper you've chosen. Environmental benefits are calculated based on research done by Environmental Defense, other members of the Paper Task Force, and Conservatree, who studied the environmental impacts of the paper industry. Contact ED for a copy of their report and the latest updates on their data.