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Custom Embossed Hang Tag Printing

  • Customizable by size, paper, and finish
  • Multiple stringing options
  • Drilling, eyelets, and scoring available
  • Choose an embossed or debossed design
Elevate your brand with custom 3D effects on our embossed (or debossed) hang tags. An embossed logo, image, or text adds to the elegance of your hang tag design, creating a luxurious feeling for your product. Complete your hang tag with our durable, eco-friendly paper stocks and our wide range of premium finishing options.

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Shape Options

We offer a variety of preset shapes for you to pick from. You can choose which corners are clipped or rounded if you pick one of those options. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! We can also produce custom die cut tags in any shape imaginable.

String Options

We offer string customization so that you have full control over the final look of your tags. You get to choose the string color and material as well as how the string attaches to the tag. The strings shown below are available in a range of colors. In addition to these machine runnable strings and cords, we also have manually applied cords available.

Additional Tag Options

We also offer a variety of other tag finishing options. If you don't see something you're looking for, please reach out to our customer service team and we'll find a solution for you.

Fiber Reinforcements

Product Information

Material 100% Post-Consumer Waste Uncoated Paper, FSC®-certified fiber, chlorine free, and manufactured using renewable biogas energy / 10% PCW Recycled Coated Paper, FSC®-certified virgin fiber, manufactured using renewable biogas energy / 50% PCW Recycled Kraft Board, manufactured using renewable biogas energy

Learn more about our paper manufacturing process.
End of Life All Curbside Recyclable, All biodegradable, Chlorine free is compostable
Certification FSC®-Certified
Colors / Texture Uncoated and coated is white / Kraft is brown / Uncoated is smooth and dull / Coated is smooth and sleek / Kraft is rough and flat
Printing Offset (Heidelberg XL 75) & Digital Printing (HP Indigo and Ricoh Versafire)
Color Options CMYK, White spot color, & Pantone Colors (PMS)
Ink Type Vegetable Based, Soy Based, Algae Ink, HP Electroink - Low VOC (<0.8%)
Origin Made in USA
String Features Comes in natural string, hemp string, elastic string, metallic gold and silver string, thick rayon string. View our full list of string options.
Product Features Comes knotted strung if string selected.
Shipping Packaged in 100% Recycled shipping boxes, sealed with paper tape. Bundled in paper bands, no plastic. Packed with leftover plate packing material.

All shipping emissions are carbon offset.
Add-Ons Any size loop length
Folding hang tag optional
Soft touch coating optional
Die-cut optional
Embossing optional
Ultra-Thick optional
Hang Tag String Snap Lock Fastener

Learn more about all the hang tag finishing options we provide

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course!

We offer a free paper sample pack where you can request a generic booklet sample.

If you are looking for a Physical/Hard Proof of your artwork:

1) Select ‘Hard Proof’ as your proofing option on our product order page.

2) After the order is placed, we will produce a physical sample, ship it to you, and wait for your approval before starting production.

3) If you don’t approve your proof and would like to cancel your order, we will give you a full refund minus the cost of producing the sample.

Call 800-655-5833 or email for specific booklet
Yes, we can ship internationally! This will increase shipping costs, so the most economical way to go about this would be to create an account with UPS or FedEx which will unlock savings.
Our production time usually takes 2-7 days, depending on the turnaround speed you select.

Please note that pre-production and shipping time is separate from our production turnaround speed! Reference this graphic below.

For super-rush jobs, please call us at 800-655-5833! Certain rush jobs might incur extra fees.
We do not directly offer design/creative help, but our prepress team will make sure your files are ready for print production.

Learn more about setting your file up for print with our File Set-up Checklist.

We offer up to two free digital soft proofs once an order has been placed. Physical hard proofs or additional soft proofs can be ordered for an added fee.

For more information about our proof offerings please visit our Proofing Options page.
The preferred file format for Greenerprinter orders is PDF. By sending us a PDF, you are helping to ensure that your job proceeds quickly, smoothly, and with no unexpected “surprises.”

We also accept Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign files, but these may incur additional charges and increase the turnaround time.

For more information about how to export your file as a PDF please visit our File Set-up Checklist.
Yes, all of our paper hang tags are compostable and biodegradable. Please remove any metal or plastic accessories before composting.
Yes! Our hang tags are made from paper so they are recyclable. Please remove any metal pieces like eyelets and safety pins before recycling. String and ribbons may not be recyclable.
Yes! We’ve built quantity price breaks directly into our pricing for standard and custom orders.

If you’re a business with a high volume of orders (+ $10k/year), please reach out to and speak to sales about partnership discounts.
Yes! Our house paper stocks include silk, glossy, and uncoated options. We even have a kraft board option for a more natural look. All of our papers are recycled, eco-friendly, and FSC certified.
Our hang tags are securely packaged in bundles that are placed in sturdy boxes. The size of the bundle is dependent on the quantity of the order. If you’d like a specific amount in each bundle, just let us know!
Eyelets are metal or plastic rings that are added to the inside of a drilled hole. These rings add protection against tearing when a string or ribbon is added to a hang tag. They reduce the risk of a tag separating from its product when pulled on. Eyelets also add a nice detail that makes hangtags feel more upscale.

We offer a wide range of hangtag metals and colors, so there is sure to be one that complements your design.

Other colors might have a limited availability so feel free to contact us if there’s a specific color you have in mind.
Scoring allows for hang tags to be easily folded along the score line. This is perfect for adding 3D elements and creating folded hangtags that open like booklets.

Score lines create indented lines on your card. They are not very obvious until the card is folded.
Our customer service team is more than happy to answer any additional questions you might have. They can be reached via email at or via phone at 1-800-655-5833 Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Yes! If you design it, we can create it. Designs with acute sharp angles might need to be cut with a custom die instead of digitally which can increase the cost of the tags.
Unlike with standard shapes, our team needs to create a custom shaped ‘die’ outline from metal to ensure a perfect custom shape cut every time.

Since we only need to create a die-shape once, our die-tooling charge is waived for all re-orders.

If your order is under a certain amount we can opt to cut them digitally, however additional charges will still apply to this service. Please contact to see how your order would be made.
Aside from a small amount of energy consumption to create a custom shape die, custom shape cutting is not inherently unsustainable.

A custom shaped die is really just a wood block with metal, a “cookie-cutter” of sorts.

If you want a custom shape to match your branding and plan to make re-orders, this is a perfectly viable option.
There are no preset shapes that you have to pick from! You can choose any shape you want and we will create a custom die for you.
Dies can be extremely detailed! However, we recommend not choosing extremely intricate designs as small and thin lines do not hold up as well as thicker or bold lines. Intricate designs are usually much weaker and may be more likely to rip or catch on products.
Yes. More complex dies require more material and a longer time spent creating the die. This means that they are typically more expensive.
Absolutely! Our die-cutting process allows for shapes to be precisely punched out with clean edges every time.
Hang tags can include a range of different information about both a product and a brand. Some of the most common things to find on a hang tag include brand name, product price, product description, care instructions, bar codes, product size, warranty information, and brand story.
A hang tag, also known as a swing tag or swing ticket, is a small card that is hung from a product using a string or ribbon. Hang tags provide space for branding and product information. They are easily removable since they are not a part of the product.

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