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Custom Food Packaging Sleeve Printing

  • Customizable by size, paper, and finish
  • Multiple scoring options
  • Variety of adhesive methods to choose from
Wow your customers with our custom, eco-friendly food packaging sleeves. These sleeves are made to provide room for important product information and branding. They are easily customized by size, scoring, and paper type to fit around any food container. Choose from a variety of closure methods to find the best match for your packaging process.

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Our Packaging Sleeve Process


To figure out the full length of the sleeve take a piece of paper (or several taped together) & wrap it around your product, mark, & measure the individual panels & the overall length. Don’t forget to include overlap – 3/4” if using our Kleenstick adhesive tape.


Make your document the size that your prototype comes out to be. You can place 100% magenta lines where you’d like the sleeve to be scored (which is optional) according to your prototype.

Curious about papers and finishing options? We have a wide variety of sturdy paper choices! Request a sample kit to feel the differences.


Now that your design is complete, it is time for production! We take great care to make sure that your sleeves turn out exactly how you want them. You get to choose your adhesive method. Whether you need the sleeves pre-glued or want a compostable interlocking closure, we have you covered!

Adhesive Options

Save time by choosing our pre-glued option! We will deliver your sleeves with the ends already secured together. All you have to do is slide the band over your product. Easy peasy!
Sticky Tape
One of our most secure adhesive options! We will apply a strip of double-sided sticky tape to the end of each sleeve. To apply the sleeve, simply remove the protective liner on the tape, wrap the sleeve around your product, and press to close.
Choose sustainability with this compostable and recyclable option! This closure features interlocking tabs that hold the band closed. Slide the tabs together to secure the sleeve. No adhesives are needed, making this an eco-friendly choice.

Product Information

Material 100% Post-Consumer Waste Uncoated Paper, FSC®-certified fiber, chlorine free, and manufactured using renewable biogas energy / 10% PCW Recycled Coated Paper, FSC®-certified virgin fiber, manufactured using renewable biogas energy / 50% PCW Recycled Kraft Board, manufactured using renewable biogas energy

Learn more about our paper manufacturing process or contact us at for custom paper specs.
End of Life Paper components are curbside recyclable, Paper components are all biodegradable, Chlorine-free paper components are compostable
Certification FSC®-Certified
Colors / Texture Uncoated and coated is white / Kraft is brown / Uncoated is smooth and dull / Coated is smooth and sleek / Kraft is rough and flat
Printing Offset (Heidelberg XL 75) & Digital Printing (HP Indigo and Ricoh Versafire)
Color Options CMYK, White spot color, & Pantone Colors (PMS)
Ink Type Vegetable Based, Soy Based, Algae Ink, HP Electroink - Low VOC (<0.8%)
Origin Made in USA
Protective Features Protects your products against damage, scrapes and scratches, and dirt.
Product Features Custom size to fit any sized product. Sturdy materials to stand up to retail environments and shipping.
Shipping Packaged in 100% Recycled shipping boxes, sealed with paper tape. Bundled in paper bands, no plastic. Pack with leftover plate packing material. All shipping emissions are carbon offset.
Add-Ons Blind embossing
Blind debossing
Foil stamping
Matching packaging sleeves
Soft touch coating
Kitting options
Variable data printing

If you’re interested in any of these options, or have ideas of your own, please fill out our Custom Quote form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course!

We offer a free paper sample pack where you can request a generic booklet sample.

If you are looking for a Physical/Hard Proof of your artwork:

1) Select ‘Hard Proof’ as your proofing option on our product order page.

2) After the order is placed, we will produce a physical sample, ship it to you, and wait for your approval before starting production.

3) If you don’t approve your proof and would like to cancel your order, we will give you a full refund minus the cost of producing the sample.

Call 800-655-5833 or email for specific booklet
Yes, we can ship internationally! This will increase shipping costs, so the most economical way to go about this would be to create an account with UPS or FedEx which will unlock savings.
Our production time usually takes 2-7 days, depending on the turnaround speed you select.

Please note that pre-production and shipping time is separate from our production turnaround speed! Reference this graphic below.

For super-rush jobs, please call us at 800-655-5833! Certain rush jobs might incur extra fees.
We do not directly offer design/creative help, but our prepress team will make sure your files are ready for print production.

Learn more about setting your file up for print with our File Set-up Checklist.

We offer up to two free digital soft proofs once an order has been placed. Physical hard proofs or additional soft proofs can be ordered for an added fee.

For more information about our proof offerings please visit our Proofing Options page.
The preferred file format for Greenerprinter orders is PDF. By sending us a PDF, you are helping to ensure that your job proceeds quickly, smoothly, and with no unexpected “surprises.”

We also accept Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign files, but these may incur additional charges and increase the turnaround time.

For more information about how to export your file as a PDF please visit our File Set-up Checklist.
Yes! We’ve built quantity price breaks directly into our pricing for standard and custom orders.

If you’re a business with a high volume of orders (+ $10k/year), please reach out to and speak to sales about partnership discounts.

Please let us know if you are interested in having your packaging embossed by filling out a Custom Quote Request.

You can choose which sides of your packaging you would like printed, including the interior.
Packaging without tape, stickers, or foil is completely recyclable.

If your packaging does include one of these features, please remove the affected part before recycling the remaining packaging.
Packaging without adhesive, tape, stickers, foil, or glue is compostable. We recommend shedding the packaging before adding it to a home compost pile.

If your packaging does include one of these features, please remove the affected part before composting the remaining packaging. We offer specific compostable packaging sleeves!

We recommend choosing an uncoated paper stock to ensure easy and smudge-free handwriting.
All of our packaging is made with eco-friendly paper and ink, so there are no wrong choices!

In particular, our kraft boxes or kraft packaging sleeves can help provide a more natural aesthetic that may be helpful in showing off the sustainable nature of your products.

Our boxes are very durable, no matter which paper stock you choose. They can be stacked and stored without fear of them getting crushed. To ensure the boxes stay in great condition, we recommend not placing large, heavy objects on top of them.
Of course!

All of our box closure methods are created to keep the box securely closed until it is time for the final customer to open it. For extra security, we recommend choosing a box that includes adhesive to close it permanently.
Please remember that score lines are areas where your packaging sleeve will be folded over your product. We recommend against having key information crossing these lines.

Additionally, we recommend against putting any key information extremely close to the closure area. This way you don’t have to worry about anything getting cut off once the sleeve is secured around your product. You can choose between ¼” and ½” adhesive to be placed on the closure.
Our customer service team is more than happy to answer any additional questions you might have. They can be reached via email at or via phone at 1-800-655-5833 Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

What you decide to put on your food packaging sleeves is completely up to you. The design is fully customizable and you can include multiple designs in your order by submitting a custom quote.
Yes! We offer custom shaped packaging sleeves. Please check out our custom die cut sleeves for more information.
Despite our sleeves being made from durable, recycled paper, they are not waterproof. We recommend keeping them away from moisture and liquids. Our coated stocks will resist grease for longer periods of time but will eventually be affected.
Our slides are made from recycled paper. They may offer a small amount of insulation, but this is not their intended purpose.
If you choose our tab and slot closure method, these sleeves are fully recyclable and compostable.

For any other closure method, you will need to remove the area with adhesive before recycling or composting the rest of the sleeve.
Food packaging sleeves are printed paper bands that wrap around food storage containers. They don’t typically come into contact with the contained food. These sleeves can show extra branding and important product information.

Our food packaging sleeves are completely customizable so you can choose the dimensions of any food container you have.
To get a correctly sized sleeve, it’s important to give us the correct measurements of your food container. Here are a few simple steps to find these measurements using your container:

  1. Decide what the width of your sleeve should be. Do you want it to cover most of your container or only a small area?
  2. Trim a piece of paper down to this width. You made need to put multiple sheets together in the next steps if your container is larger.
  3. Wrap the paper band around your container where you want the sleeve to go. Make sure to wrap tightly and run your finger over the edges to form creases.
  4. Mark where the band ends meet and cut off any excess. Measure the total length of the band. Write this down. This length will eventually change depending on the closure method you choose.
  5. Measure the length of each panel formed by the creases you made. Write this down too!

All of this information will influence your sleeve design and is needed so that we can print your sleeves perfectly.

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