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Our policy

Greenerprinter Sustainability Policy


The mission of Greenerprinter is to serve the printing needs of businesses and individuals by providing high-quality green printing services while meeting the highest standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility within the printing industry.


For us, sustainability involves continuously looking at our current practices and identifying areas in which we can improve:

  1. Environmental Health & Safety: First and foremost, we will comply with all applicable regulations that are governed by either our industry or our state and local governments.
  2. Prepress, Press, and Postpress Operations: We will work to build upon our lean manufacturing model by improving our own processes to minimize waste and pollution. This will include any and all opportunities for improvement, ranging from switching to inks that have lower VOCs to investing in newer, more efficient equipment.
  3. Energy, Water, Waste, and Pollution: Because these are the areas in which there is the greatest environmental impact, we will continually evaluate our impact in these areas and identify areas for improvements on an ongoing basis.
  4. Continuous Improvement: The "Plan, Do, Check, Act" process will be utilized to ensure that we continually seek ways to improve our own operations and process, including in areas that extend beyond regulation.
  5. Community: Sustainability is not an action that can be accomplished alone. Rather, it is a process that requires collaboration and cooperation. We commit to working within our community of clients, employees, partners, suppliers, and others to advance the work of sustainability.
  6. Communication: This policy shall serve to communicate to our clients, employees, and stakeholders our intentions to hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of environmental responsibility.
  7. Third-party Verification: We recognize the need for authentication of green claims. As a result, we will seek and maintain reputable certifications that set standards for and audit sustainability practices.