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Reducing waste

Lean & Clean: The Responsible Way to Print!

In addition to our many green certifications, we've also put into practice the principle of "Lean Manufacturing." This approach to manufacturing is inherently "green", and involves using modern technology and consumables to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.
Greenerprinter has implemented lean & clean manufacturing in several ways:

  • An all-digital, color-managed workflow has eliminated the need for costly & wasteful proofing systems.
  • Digitally imaged printing plates are developed in our "Chem-free" processor which uses only non-toxic processing fluids that have a longer lifespan than traditional, more toxic chemicals.
  • Computerized press controls deliver accurate color fast, minimizing makeready waste and allowing us to tightly monitor quality and consistency throughout the print run.
  • Digital print capabilities for short-run jobs allow us to print only the quantity needed. In addition to the best quality available, our HP Indigo press offers non-toxic, long-lifespan consumables and uses considerably less energy than competing technologies.
  • Computerized bindery equipment reduces waste and minimizes errors.
  • In-house mailing and close proximity to a USPS sorting facility eliminates unnecessary transit for mailing jobs.
  • Eco-friendly large format solutions from HP feature recyclable consumables and materials.

Many of our first-time customers at first presume that because we are green, we are naturally more expensive. However, notice the common theme that emerges from all of the above practices: Waste reduction, speedier processes, and longer-lasting consumables. All of this translates into lower operating costs, which we are able to pass on to our customers in the form of surprisingly competitive pricing. We invite you to discover how Greenerprinter's certified green, lean & clean services can help bring sustainability and value to your printing today!