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Cross-media marketing

Speak directly to your audience with 1:1 cross-media marketing

According to a survey by the US Postal Service and the Digital Marketing Association, 78% of people read their mail while standing over the garbage can (we hope they meant to say "recycling bin"!). 

How can you make sure your message gets through? Greenerprinter has solutions that can help make your next marketing campaign more engaging, more effective, more useful, and ultimately, more valuable. Here's how:

4 components:

1. Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Take advantage of our digital printing to personalize the content of your next direct mail campaign ("Jane, we've cooked up something special just for you"). VDP is a proven way to increase your response rates by making your customers and prospects feel as if you are speaking to them directly. 

A Variable Data Print (VDP) campaign with personalized websites (PURLs).

2. Cross-media

Create multiple "touches" for each customer: Send a Variable Data postcard first, followed by a "matching" email. Both can contain links to PURL's, and since all responses are tracked, you can send periodic follow-up emails to "non-responders".

An email with a clickable PURL.

3. Personalized URL's (PURLs)

Each of your customers receives a unique web-page address, also customized with their information (for example, ""). PURLs contain surveys and profile update pages that you can use to collect additional information from your customer, allowing subsequent marketing messages to be catered directly to their interests/needs. All responses are tracked and recorded, and can be viewed in your own online dashboard. Triggers can be added to instantly alert sales representatives when customers request additional information. 

A personalized URL, with survey page and thank you page.

4. QR codes

QR (or "Quick Response") codes combine print and technology to make your print interactive. Place a QR code on your direct mail piece that links directly to a customer's PURL. Your customer simply points their smart-phone at the code and is instantly taken to their PURL. 

QR code on back of postcard that links to a PURL.

5 steps to more effective marketing

Creating a 1:1 marketing campaign with Greenerprinter is easier than you might think.

Step 1: Come up with a measurable objective for your marketing campaign.

Some examples of measurable objectives:
To persuade at least 10% of your customers to try a new product or service you have to offer
To generate $15,000 in donations before June 1st
To collect email addresses for at least 50% of your customer mailing list

Step 2: Generate your customer list.

Gather as much information as you can about your recipients... the more data you have, the more customization you can add! (keep in mind that you can use your PURLs later on in your campaign to gather any information you want but don't currently have).

Step 3: Design your postcard (or brochure, etc).

Think of creative ways you can use personalization to make the design grab the customer, such as showing their name on a billboard, written in the sky, etc. (We can help you implement this once you've submitted the design). Include a QR code that links to their PURL for added functionality.

Step 4: Create useful survey questions, and a compelling offer.

For survey questions, think about additional information you would like to have about your customers, for instance:
Ask them to enter an email address
Inquire about any upcoming purchases they're planning on making
Gage their interest level in products or services you're thinking of offering
A valuable offer will inspire customers to visit their PURL and respond. We suggest giveaways (gift cards, t-shirts, etc), but you can also offer coupons or promotional codes for discounts. Ideally, this offer will be relevant to the objective in Step 1 ("Donate by June 1st and receive a free T-shirt!").

Step 5: Contact Greenerprinter!

How do we put it all together?

Greenerprinter will integrate all of the elements into a cohesive and effective 1:1 marketing campaign, featuring:

  • State-of-the-art variable data digital printing, using high recycled-content paper (and featuring QR codes if desired)
  • Personalized URLs generated from your data list, using a domain name of your choice and including artwork and design elements that match your printed piece
  • Customer profile update page (so customers can update any information you currently have about them)
  • Survey page using your survey questions
  • Follow-up page ("Thanks for filling out the survey, here's your special offer code" etc)
  • Email triggers sent to sales reps for all generated leads
  • Campaign dashboard that shows response rates, ROI, survey results, and more (see below)
  • Follow-up emails for non-responders (usually 3 emails, sent a week apart)

A dashboard makes it easy to view campaign results. Data can also be exported to Excel or for use in your own CRM tool.

Discover the benefits of 1:1 Marketing

There are many factors that make personalized 1:1 marketing campaigns with PURLs more effective than traditional direct-mail campaigns:

  • Customers are more engaged when they see content and imagery that relates directly to them.
  • Real-time online reports allow you to measure & track activity and questionnaire results.
  • Leads are highly qualified, and can be instantly distributed to appropriate sales reps based on survey responses.
  • Continued personalized communication solidifies your relationship with your customer.
  • The information you gather can help "fine tune" your marketing.
  • Measurable ROI.

We'd love to help your organization get started with 1:1 marketing. For more information or to launch a campaign, please contact us at 800-655-5833, or email us at