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Variable data printing

Greenerprinter's Variable Data Printing Services

What is "Variable Data Printing"?

Variable data printing (also known as one-to-one marketing or personalized printing) offers customized, targeted encounters with prospective customers, placing a powerful marketing tool into the hands of even small organizations. VDP has been shown to dramatically increase response rates while reducing overall printing costs (due to shorter, more targeted print runs as opposed to traditional "shotgun" campaigns).

It is an ideal solution for direct-mail pieces, promotional flyers, event promotions, or any other type of product where you want to speak "directly" to your customer, even if it's just making creative use of their first name.

Imagine the possibilities...

The potential for variable data printing is limited only by the imagination of the creator. Consider the power of being able to create a custom message for each recipient, catered to the reader's age, gender, interests, buying habits, address, etc., and infinite possibilities begin to unfold.

How does it work?

One of the distinguishing features of digital printing is that each revolution of an imaging cylinder represents a unique impression that is transferred to a page. Variable data printing capitalizes on this by picking up customized artwork for each page based on information from your database and rules that are set up within the Variable Data software program. Variable elements can be text, graphics or photos, color or black-and-white. Variable data can be flowed into each page on a simple record-by-record basis, or the contents of a page can be controlled by sophisticated rules based on relationships among data fields. It is even possible to use mathematical data to automatically generate unique charts & graphs, as is often seen in Annual Reports, 401(k) Statements, data sheets, etc.

Take it for a quick spin!

The graphic below shows a typical Variable Data printing project, in this case a car dealership that is doing a trade-in special. In their customer database, in addition to basic information such as name and address, they also have the type of car and year model that each customer purchased. Based on this information, they know which model of car the customer would likely choose when purchasing a new car. A rule is created in Greenerprinter's variable data software that says (for instance) "If customer's current car is a 2001 GTI, place the picture of the 2006 GTI." The software also includes the client's first name and additional offer information specific to their "upgrade" model throughout the card. And of course, the customer's name and address appears on the mail panel, complete with barcode for postal automation... the cards leave Greenerprinter and proceed directly to the Post Office!

To preview the individual cards in the sample below, place your mouse cursor over each customer's information in the database... that customer's "version" of the postcard will appear in the window above.

Way beyond "junk mail".

Variable data printing can be an especially powerful tool for direct mail applications. Direct mail has been proven to be the most effective marketing tool available, even in the internet age. Think about it: The mailbox is immune to spam-blockers, pop-up blockers, caller ID, the fast-forward button and the mute button. As long as people open their mailboxes, there is an opportunity for you to communicate with them. Cater your message directly to the reader, and you have a very unique opportunity indeed.

Saves time and money.

Variable data printing is also a faster, more economical way to print. Consider the following:

  • Print only as many as you need (depending on the size of your database).
  • Test-market a piece with a partial selection of your database, adjust the piece based on response rate (or leave it unchanged) and finish the run at a later time.
  • Print addresses directly on the piece... there is no need for labels, hand-addressing, etc., thus reducing mailing costs and speeding up the fulfillment process.

But the true value of personalized printing lies in the greatly increased response rates that it generates.

Web-driven-print (and vice-versa)

Database-driven print also opens the door to new opportunities in cross-media marketing. In addition to unique printed pieces, database information can be used to automatically generate personalized URLs (PURLs) and e-mails which, for instance, can be used to collect more information from the customer (via questionnaires, online order forms, contests, etc.), which can then be used to generate follow-up printed pieces. Before you know it, your customers are actually marketing you to themselves!
Getting started
We recommend that you first "Test Drive" Variable Data Printing with a relatively simple project:

  • Send personalized thank-you cards, special offers, or other direct marketing materials.
  • Select a test sample from your database for customized mailing and measure the results against conventional print.

Prove it to yourself: It works!

Greenerprinter is equipped to help you distinguish your company from the competition with this exciting technology. Please contact a GP Customer Service Representative for more information about our Variable Data Printing services:
email: csr@greenerprinter.com

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